Azure Ad Enterprise Agreement

At some point, your Azure deliveries will be able to reach a critical mass among too many independent subscriptions, of which there is no effective governance for billing, management or security. Maybe your organization will check whether Azure is the cloud service that is the path your company chooses. And so, it may make more financial sense to have a consumption-based CSS that reduces total costs and increases benefits. Teams in the same department may share the same resource management or provide a specific billing package for authorizations or re-bookings. Consider an EA transition or consolidation similar to processes that have been run in the past to another tool that needs to be transferred to the enterprise level or used for enterprise-wide implementation. There are many more reasons why an EA consolidation will be needed, but the final is the same. Is it possible to have multiple o365 and Azure AD customers in the same enterprise agreement? The scenario is that a parent company has several junior companies, each with its own UPN and an AD preview. Today, Azure Portal is also used to manage the costs of corporate subscriptions. Original EA portal was designed for most accounts and financial aspects of the company`s registration. Image Source: Microsoft Security Compass Workshop While you can create a business agreement with Microsoft specifically for Azure, most companies that use this option already have an EA for using their software resources such as Windows, Office, Sharepoint, System Center, etc.

If you have an EA for other products, you can simply add Azure to this existing agreement by making a prior financial commitment. Then you can use Azure`s cloud services throughout the year to meet the commitment. And you can pay for additional use beyond the bond at the same rates. Therefore, as with any Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA), including AWS EDP, you agree to obtain a contract term and contract volume in order to obtain additional discounts. Besides the fact that they get the best prices and discounts, what are some of the other additional benefits that an EA could offer a business. Today, this higher level and separate portal seems „obsolete.“ Microsoft has moved more and more features into the Azure portal, for example. B the creation of business subscriptions for EA customers. And also most organizations that use „tags“ and „management groups“ instead of creating a custom hierarchy (including departments or accounts) in the EA portal. It turns out that Azure Enterprise`s minimum commitment is very low.

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