Nb Nursing Home Collective Agreement

Teare said the union would continue to push the government to change, including the transfer of responsibility from social development care homes to the provincial Ministry of Health. „Does the interim agreement tell us our value or compensate us for our value? No way. Do we earn more? You betcha,“ said Sharon Teare, president of NBCNHU. NBCNHU brings together 51 separate union premises in different care homes. Each nursing home is a separate employer that negotiates with NBCNHU. However, the State Government received the first support because it funds the package on wages and working conditions. While no health care worker who spends their day caring for our seniors wants to strike, the degree of frustration with the understaffing and the ability to either hire or retain the numbers required for safe care has brought us to the point where there is no choice but to proceed with a strike vote. Teare acknowledges that the new interim agreement does not solve all the problems faced by workers in retirement homes. She hopes that the upcoming vote will have a clear result. „It must be accepted or rejected by membership.

We cannot be in the middle muddy and divided in this crisis,“ she concluded. More than 4,400 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 51 non-profit homes have voted in secret ballot of the agreement in recent weeks. Yesterday, Sharon Teare of CUPE, president of NBCNHU and her caregiver, said that „this agreement is of course „provisional“ because the members of the nursing home have the final say on this. Its members are nurse practitioners, attendants, dietetic and laundry workers and office workers in nursing homes in New Brunswick. On February 22, Minister Holder wrote to us that we could hold a strike vote as early as March 4. On February 22, we received an email from Jody Hall informing us that the province had declined its final offer. On February 27, a letter was sent to all care home managers asking all homes to develop a detailed strike plan. The provisional agreement allows for a period of peace at work, but Teare says preparations for negotiations on the next treaty will soon begin. The union will begin developing proposals for Aboriginal people in the fall, which it will address for the next round of negotiations. It is an absolute shame to see how this government treats us health care workers! As nurses, we have followed the process, even though our rights have been disenfran clocked.

I am saddened that Minister Dorothy Sheppard continues to tell LIE that she respects workers; But their actions tell a different story! – Foster homes are NOT business, and our seniors are not commodities! We are not barrels of oil; we are people who deserve RESPECT! My God, what is needed… All I`m going to say is stick to it, it`s far from over! FREDERICTON (GNB) – An interim collective agreement has been reached between the New Brunswick Children`s Homes Association and the New Brunswick Council of Host States, which represents members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) in 51 of the province`s 68 retirement homes.

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