Recent Agreement Between Iran And China

Hard-liners in Tehran have been calling for closer relations with China for years. The U.S. exit from the nuclear deal gave them what they wanted. According to Batmanghelidj, Tehran sees a new agreement with China as a way to take more advantage of a relationship that has so far brought only a „warm“ commitment. But even if trade between the two nations is experiencing the recovery outlined in the leaked project, „China is not in a position to fully compensate for the lack of European trade.“ A Sino-Iranian partnership has great potential to reorganize the geopolitical equations established between neighbouring countries and regional players in the South and Central Asian region. As China strengthens its position in the Middle East and seeks new partnerships to promote its economic and strategic ambitions, India is increasingly being encouraged to reduce China`s growing regional influence and establish closer relations with the United States. 16- Both sides consider that improved communication and exchanges between their armed forces and defence ministries contribute to stability and security, strengthen exchanges of delegations, consultations and coordination at different levels, and improve the level of cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries through cooperation mechanisms in the field of human resource training. , the fight against terrorism and the exchange of information, as well as equipment and technology. One of the most important questions about the 25-year agreement between Insino-Iran is: why now? And why do the Chinese need this agreement? This document will answer that question. But first, a letter on the agreement, which received detail in a proposed document of 18 languages by the New York Times last July.

It began with „Two Old Asian Cultures,“ and it is with these words that the sites want to highlight the long history of the relationship between them, trying to block any future accusation that they are doing so only to undermine U.S. attempts to isolate Iran. In addition, the opening is intended to send a Chinese embassy to the Iranian people, according to which Beijing is a „traditional partner“ alongside sanctions, low oil prices, the worst COVID-19 epidemic in the Middle East, the accidental bombing of a Ukrainian airliner alongside Tehran. On the Iranian side, the Iranian people are exhausted and they just want to know that one day something good will happen. At the invitation of His Excellency, Mr. Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His ExcellencyM. Xi Jinping, President of the People`s Republic of China, paid an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran from 22 to 23 January 2016. The two heads of state and government had in-depth exchanges in a climate of friendship and cordiality on cooperation in all areas of bilateral relations as well as on regional and international issues of mutual interest, thus concluding comprehensive agreements. The fact that Iran`s powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps supports a long-term agreement between China and Iran is not only a blow to the Trump administration`s aggressive policy toward Iran, but also to Iran`s growing frustration with European nations and their weak efforts to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. In recent times, many Iranian analysts have expressed concern about the silent withdrawal of European countries from the agreements reached under the 2015 nuclear agreement.

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